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  • Rawlings not sole founder of NDC – Alhaji Sani

    Claims that former President Jerry John Rawlings is the sole founder and major brain behind the formation of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is being challenged by stalwart of the party ,Alhaji Mohammed Sani.

    “There are lots of founders. I am not saying Jerry John Rawlings is not a founding member but he is not the only founder of NDC. All districts in Ghana we have founders everywhere so he alone cannot claim to be a sole founder”

    “Every political party in the country has founding fathers. No party can operate without founding fathers according to our laws ” Alhaji Mohammed Sani pointed out on a local radio station.

    Speaking on Kumasi-based Nhyria FM, he said, it is time the people start seeing former President Rawlings as ordinary founding member and not the owner of the NDC party.

    Mr. Rawlings during the commemoration of this year’s 38th Anniversary of the infamous June 4 disagrees with assertions by former President John Dramani Mahama that a “lame horse” was the cause of the party’s loss in the 2016 polls.

    According to the founder of the party, practices such as greedy, selfishness and corruption which were contrary to the values of the June 4 uprising contributed to the hefty defeat in the last general elections.

    However, commenting on the issue, Alhaji Mohammed Sani stated Mr. Rawlings made that accusation against the current executives of the party out of bitterness and must be disregarded despite his status as a statesman.

    “Mr. Rawlings got it wrong in accusing the party leadership of being corrupt. He also got it wrong when he said we planned to eliminate him from the party. A lot of things he has said about the party in the past are lies….he should know that we are practicing democracy. He should learn to be truthful”

    “When he wants something from you and you don’t give him you become his enemy. If he asks you to come at a particular time and you delay just a minute that one too you are his enemy. ..Rawlings wants to tune people like radio sets” he added.

    Alhaji Mohammed Sani rather accused former President Rawlings of being corrupt calling state security agencies to investigate him as former head of state.


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