Angel TV

  • Angel TV raided pirate decoders seized

    This has led to loss of revenue to the audio visual creative industry and the many TV stations who have continuously invested in their people and content, and loss of tax revenue to the government from the illegal activities of these TV stations.

    Angel TV raided pirate decoders seized

    The Communications Fraud Unit of the Ghana Police, CID Headquarters recently raided the Angel TV studios for infringing on the sports content rights of Supersport. The raid was conducted based on leads provided by Multichoice Ghana Ltd.

    Angel TV which came into business a few years ago, has been alleged to be illegally airing EURO 2016 Games and the on-going Rio 2016 Olympics Games without the required rights for Ghana.  During the operation, the Police seized gadgets/devices used in perpetrating this illegality.

    The rights to these major sports meets (Rio Olympics, Premier League and La Liga) are currently exclusively held by Supersport Africa and distributed by Multichoice Ghana through DStv and GOtv platforms.


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