• Promolante app records 200,000 users

    The Ghanaian-made mobile application has just announced its 200,000th download.

    Developed by four young Ghanaians, the app makes it easy for users to know the very best deals and promotions on offer by the various telecommunication networks.

    “Promolante started as a side project – solving a problem for the promo loving telco subscriber. It’s been amazing building it to a size like this and seeing young Ghanaians especially use it to save money on calls and internet data,” says Abdul-Rahim Sulemana, co-founder of Promolante.

    Launched in March 2015, Promolante started out as a web app, then an Android version was developed.

    It has achieved so much in its first year already; emerging as second runner up at the Samsung App Developer Challenge. This meant that the app would be pre-installed on Samsung phones.

    And it has just been selected for the FBStart programme; an initiative by Facebook to guide early stage mobile startups to build and grow their apps. VoiceTube and Musixmatch have previously been part of the FBStart programme.

    Reviews from some users include; “Perfect. No need to call customer care lines only to be put on hold for over 30mins after several tries. Just open [the] app and you have access to all u need and want to know about any network.”

    “Very handy with great information, I love they way it analyzes your calling and data usage habit and suggest which package will be best for you. Good job guys.”

    According to Sulemana, the app is seeking to reach more smartphones in other parts of the continent.

    “Over the next few months, we’ll be adding some cool new features and looking to expand into Nigeria and some other African countries. We believe it’s time to bring all that we’ve learnt into a better global Promolante – a telco app you can use wherever you’re in Africa.”

    SOURCE: Kwasi Gyamfi Asiedu

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