Black Maidens

  • Sports Ministry pays stranded Black Maidens $26k

    The Sports Ministry on Tuesday paid each member of the Black Maidens team including five officials an amount of $1000 out of a total of $2,800 as per diems.

    The U-17 Women’s team arrived on Saturday after failing to advance to the semi-final stage of the ongoing World Cup in Jordan but were stranded at the Maresat Hotel till Tuesday morning.

    The leader of the delegation, Augustine Asante, said the team members were not happy, but had to make do with the amount.

    “The Minister told us there is no money and for that matter they can only give the girls only $1000 each [and] it became a big problem between us and the Ministry.

    “But eventually there was nothing we can do about it as well as the Ministry. They have also promised to settle all arrears by the close of next week including qualification bonuses,” he told Starr Sports.

    Source: Ghana/ Bebli

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