Ebony Reigns

  • Ebony Reigns allegedly accused of doing ‘hard drugs’

    Undoubtedly, the 90’s Badgyal, Ebony Reigns is the hottest female artist in Ghana presently. Within the short span, she has been on the scene, she has released bangers upon bangers and has garnered a lot of followers.

    But Ebony is not always in the news because of her hit songs. She is always at the receiving end of criticism not only for her choice of words in her songs but also for her bad girl branding.

    Hardly will you see her in public that scandal won’t be created either because of her nude dressings all something erotic that she will be doing.

    Some people have accused her of negatively influencing the youth. Some have even branded her a pro$titute. It was based on this that Ebony took to Facebook in a Live Video last night to address her critics but what we saw was not only shocking but heartbreaking as well.

    In the video, some viewers alleged that Ebony Reigns was high on some hard drug and it was visible as she couldn’t even put her words together well. She was so high she could hardly speak.

    Explaining her reason for the video. Ebony said someone tweeted at her and called her a certified prostitute and she was there to clear the air and to let people know she doesn’t give a damn about what anyone says.

    So Ghpage.com ask these questions: Is this the beginning of the end for such a talented young actress? How could she meddle herself in hard drugs at this tender age of her career as it’s being alleged by her followers? Didn’t she learn anything from Mzbel’s confession that the bag girl brand killed her career?


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