• Three arrested over lynched ‘witch’

    Upper East Regional Police Command has confirmed the arrest of three persons in connection with the lynching of a 67-year-old woman accused of being a witch.

    The deceased, Madam Yenboka Kenna, a widow, was killed at the Pelungu market on Monday, May 29, 2017.

    The Regional Police Commander, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) Vincent Redeemer, told journalists that the police could not prove whether those arrested were directly involved in the lynching, but were currently assisting the police in investigation.

    He said while conducting the investigations in the village where the incident happened, some young men came in to stop a witness from giving information to the police investigation, hence were picked up.

    He said the police were hopeful they could help them identify those who carried out the murder.

    Meanwhile, the Chief of Tindongo, the community where the deceased hailed from, Tindong-Raan Sapana, has said that his attempts to gather more information about the crime have proven futile.

    He said although the Pelungu chief had denied knowledge of the incident, he has instructed his people not to take revenge over the murder of the woman.

    Tindong-Raan Sapana, however, said there was very little he could do to seek justice for the deceased, since the husband and family of the deceased have not formally informed him of the death, and what they want to be done in connection with the incident.

    The family of the woman who was lynched on Monday, May 29, 2017 partly blamed the Chief of Pelungu.

    According to an elder of the family, Tibil Nyaabil, this murder would have been prevented had the Chief of Pelungu, Naab Sierig Sore Sobil (IV), accommodated her in his palace until the mob had dispersed.

    The debate over what has become known as mob justice has been rekindled following the gruesome murder of a military officer, who was mistaken for an armed robber.

    The security agencies have vowed to deal ruthlessly with perpetrators of such crimes to ensure that the canker is entirely eliminated.

    Source: todaygh.com

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