Mrs Lordina Mahama

  • First Lady denies funding NGO with public funds

    The NPP, during a press conference addressed by acting General Secretary John Boadu on Wednesday August 17, had raised issues about the source of the numerous donations the Lordina Mahama Foundation was making across the country.

    He said: “Mrs Lordina Mahama has assumed a special role in the 2016 NDC campaign. She is effectively the Chief Director of Gifts. The wife of the president of the republic is going around the country, with a fleet of trucks loaded with goodies, which she is sharing for votes. These run into millions of dollars. Ghanaians deserve to know. How much is being spent? Who is paying for it? Where is the money coming from? Is it from our taxes or from friends? Which friends? Are they friends who are also capable of winning contracts to build walls and roads? The First Lady must be transparent and accountable.”

    But reacting to the comments by the NPP, Mrs Mahama’s aide, Edward Tapsoba, said the NPP is only concocting a story due to its lack of message ahead of the polls.

    He wondered why the NPP did not raise issues with the several donations made to former First Lady Theresa Kufuor by benevolent bodies for distribution to several health facilities when John Kufuor was in power.

    “Lordina [Mahama] has not taken any money from government, neither has government allocated any budget for such donations. It is the hard work of her NGO and her honesty that brings in the donations,” he told Accra FM.

    He said: “The NPP can continue to hold press conferences accusing Lordina of this and that, she won’t be bothered. …It will not change Lordina’s position.”

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