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  • I’ve been poor before and I know how it hurts – Shatta Wale

    Dancehall King Shatta Wale has said he has been poor before and knows how it hurts to be poor.

    According to him, poor people are the ones that brag about their wealth because their sufferings hurt so badly.

    The Dancehall artiste in a post on Facebook said he knows how it hurts to be poor saying“i have realized people who talk too much are the ones suffering the most.i have been there before”.

    Adding that “Poverty is a great disease”.


  • Media houses must pay me for interviews – Shatta Wale

    Self acclaimed Dancehall king, Shatta Wale has said he will no more grant interviews to radio and TV stations unless he is paid.

    His decision, according to him is to prevent these media outlets from twisting stories about him.

    The ‘Taking Over’ hitmaker mentioned that the radio and TV stations in Ghana did not contribute to his rise and that he will not need them.

    In a post on Facebook, he said: “Will not grant any interview to any TV or Radio station unless they ready to pay me cash????????if all they’ll do is end up twisting stories….After all none never helped in my rise..DJ Lord dash and DJ Mctontoh were my only street DJ’s who helped..”

    Shatta Wale this week was on GHOne TV where he made several revelations and pleas including his dire desire to join the VGMA next year.


  • ‘I Believe Awards Come Naturally But For Now I Am Focusing On Making Money’-Shatta Wale

    Charles Nii Armah, popularly called Shatta Wale has added another twist to the ongoing BET nomination snub brouhaha.

    In interview granted to the media, the Kakai hitmaker explained that he is not really obsessed with awards hence does not feel bothered when his hard work is overlooked. He said what remains paramount to him is the pursuit of money to care of his needs and that of his family.

    “One thing I want people to know is that we are not really bothered about awards. We are focusing on how the business will grow. I believe awards come naturally. I have been in my bedroom and people will call me that I have won awards in Germany.
    When awards come and I am not included, I am not bothered. There are people who are focused on prestige, prestige is good but I am focusing on making the money. I love prestige too but until it comes, I am focusing on making money,” he said.

    He noted that growing up, he did not dream of winning awards but rather drive in flashy cars, build mansions and make his family enjoy the quality of life the rich in society is enjoying and that is what his focus is in the industry.

  • Shatta demands Land Cruiser from Mahama, Nana on 32nd birthday

    Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale, who turned 32 years today, October 17, has requested a land cruiser and an “envelope” (money) from President John Dramani Mahama and Nana Akufo-Addo.

    The ‘Mahama paper’ hit maker in a tweet on Sunday said: “Nana Akufo-Addo and President Mahama please tomorrow is my birthday so am waiting for my land cruiser and Envelope … pleasseee”.

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    Shatta’s birthday request follows allegations that the NDC leader is noted for giving 4×4 vehicles to celebrities who have endorsed his [Mahama] candidature to be president, while Nana Addo is also said to be giving out fat envelopes to celebrities who have supported him.

    The two presidential candidates have both been using hit songs of Shatta Wale – ‘Mahama Paper’ and ‘Kakai’ – respectively at their campaign rallies.

    The dancehall artiste has stayed away from endorsing any of the presidential candidates ahead of the December polls.

    Source: Ghana/ Hayford
  • ‘Mahama paper’ song triggered by missing speech saga – Shatta Wale

    Self-acclaimed dancehall king Shatta Wale has told the BBC that his popular ‘Mahama paper’ song was triggered by President John Mahama’s missing speech incident during his address to ECOWAS heads of state in Accra.

    According to the controversial artiste, the song was not intended to flatter the president as has been interpreted by a section of society.

    Ghana’s President and immediate past ECOWAS Chairman, John Mahama shocked the gathering of heads of West African states and governments at an ECOWAS summit when he suddenly stopped in the middle of his speech and announced that some pages of his address were missing.

    “Where is my speech…I am missing certain pages in my speech…,” he said, at first to himself, and then to the audience. As Ghana’s President searched for his missing speech, the audience including diplomats from the ECOWAS sub-region and beyond offered a thunderous applause.

    Explaining the rationale behind the song for the first time, the ‘Kakai’ hitmaker said he was watching television the day the president got himself in the fix.

    “I didn’t do that song for a political purpose, I wrote it out of love. I didn’t do it because of my President. One day I was watching TV and the president was speaking at the Conference Center and he was like ‘where is my page 13, I can’t find it,’ and I was like Mahama too why, where is his speech,” the ‘Chop kiss’ singer told Akwasi Sarpong.

    Shatta, as he is also known, added that he is surprised the song has become such a hit.

    Source:Ghana/ Danso Acheampong

  • What the Stars are Tweeting: I’d rather fly mum abroad than friends – Samini

    Dance hall king Shatta Wale premiered a new song directed at dance hall rival Samini titled ‘Fly Ur Niggaz’.

    n a rebuttal, the ‘time Bomb’ hit maker took to social media and said:

    “I’d rather put a smile on my mums face than try please some opportunistic niggaz.”

    “#?nohype? I’d rather put a smile on my mums face than try please some opportunistic niggaz in return for fake smiles and backstab wounds….

    “From the little l’ve seen I choose to keep my circle tight….. ?#?opanaraay?, I’m on that ?#?flyourmother? swag lol ?#?mamaovereverything? ?#?mamasummerfly? ?#?akyesaaaaaa?……?#?miami? ?#?miamiheat? ??# mama

    So you have seen it all. Be the judge ……… and continue to watch this space for more on what the stars are tweeting.

    Source: Ghana/ Hayford

  • Kumasi: Thousands attend Shatta Wale for Peace Concert

    Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale on Saturday August 13, performed for thousands of patrons in Kumasi in a show dubbed Shatta Wale for Peace Concert.

    The concert was part of his initiative for an incident-free elections come December when Ghana goes to the polls.



    The concert which came off at the Calvary Grounds near the Baba Yara Sports Stadium was in collaboration with EIB Network’s Abusua 96.5FM and Ultimate 106.9FM, as well as entertainment outfit Rich Game.


    Shatta Wale, over the past five years, has become a powerful voice in Ghanaian discourse, especially through his music.


    It is as a result of this that he feels the need to add his voice to the cry for peaceful elections later this year, handlers say.



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