Akufo-Addo will be angry over Appiah Stadium’s arrest – Gabby

A relative of President Akufo-Addo, Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko says the President will be upset over the arrest of maverick NDC member Frank Kwaku Appiah commonly known as ‘Appiah Stadium’ by the Police.

Appiah stadium is being held for labeling President Akufo-Addo as a “drug addict” even though he has apologized for the insult.

He is currently being transferred from Kumasi to the Police Headquarters in Accra for further interrogation.

Commenting on the development on Facebook, Gabby wrote: “These things shouldn’t happen. I can see the president being extremely unhappy about any citizen being arrested for allegedly insulting him. It goes against all that he stands for. I may not be privy to the details but I know whatever the justification the President will not like this one bit”.

Meanwhile, the Ashanti regional branch of the NDC has in a statement called on the Police to immediately release their member or face their wrath.

“We demand the immediate release of Appiah Stadium from police custody now in the interest of the stability of the State. His arrest has no basis in law and we find it as an attempt to suppress FREE SPEECH.

“We have witnessed criminal attacks on the Courts and Security Appointees in Ashanti Region where the Security of the State allows these miscreants to walk freely from Justice,” the statement said.

It added: “We have witnessed lawlessness to the hilt in the Ashanti Region exposing the weakness of our Security Agencies in the face of political power. If President Akufo-Addo wants to re-criminalize FREE SPEECH, he can sponsor a legislation on it to Parliament – until that is done, we will not allow any citizen to suffer for Speaking his mind in this country. The NDC YOUTH in Ashanti Region demands the release of Appiah Stadium Now”.


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