FDA exposes fake olive oils on the market

The Food and Drugs Authority is cautioning members of the general public against the purchase and use of some fake olive oil products on the market.

As part of its Post Market Surveillance activities, the FDA collected samples of olive oil on the market and the analysis conducted at the FDA laboratory indicated that some brands were not olive oil as indicated on the label.

Further investigations by the FDA revealed that some of the culprits submitted original olive oil to the FDA for registration and after approval had been given, they subsequently put in a different product, some vegetable oil,  to deceive unsuspecting consumers.

The fake brands found on the markets include:

 Pinno Olive Oil by Mfred Co Ltd

 Kazmor Olive Oil by Kazmor Ventures

Quality Olive Oil

Holy Oil

The FDA, with the assistance of the Ghana Police arrested the culprits who are assisting the Police in their investigations.

The FDA is assuring the general public of its resolve in ensuring the protection of public health and safety. In this regard the FDA is appealing to the general public to give any information on any practice which has the possibility of endangering public health and safety.

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