Gospel Musician, Obaapa Christy Says She Would Give Birth To 10 Children To Glorify God

The excruciating experience of childbirth is one of the most indelible experiences of parents. In fact many vow not deliver again after having their first baby. The frightening mortality rate relative to childbirth is another factor which makes childbirth an unpleasant one.

Yet, popular Ghanaian gospel musician, Obaapa Christy has said she would love to give birth to ten children to appreciate the unconditional love God has for her.

Obaapa Christy formerly called Christiana Love has revealed that she hopes to give birth to ten children to acknowledge the love of God in her life. The musician, who has three children already and expecting a fourth one, told Adom news in an interview confident some of her ten children will become very prominent persons in the society.
“I am giving birth to ten Children to glorify God and to contribute to the development of my country because I may get a doctor, footballer, president or lawyers so I am on until I’ve hit ten,” she emphasised.

When asked why she still performs while pregnant, Obaapa stated that her profession is also her hobby and she is protected by God.

“Singing is my hubby and God knows I love it so he protects me and strengthens me anytime I grab the microphone, I have no complications with my condition because I am working with the Grace of God.”

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