Gov’t sued over ‘Montie 3’

A private legal practitioner Elikplim L. Agbemava has filed a suit in court seeking to stop the president from any attempt at granting pardon to the ‘Montie three’.

In a suit filed Monday, the lawyer said “on a true and proper interpretation of Articles 72 and 296 of the constitution, the exercise of the power of prerogative of mercy ought to be governed by regulations that set out, in an open and transparent manner, the grounds and requirements for the submission and consideration of application for pardon to ensure certainty, consistency, and fairness in the process that leads to the grant of pardons”.

The application further stated: “The President and the Council of State shall exercise the prerogative of mercy in a judicial manner that assures the people of Ghana of some certainty, consistency, and fairness in the processes that lead to the grating of pardons.”

The suit comes after many government appointees including ministers of state have signed a petition asking the President to activate article 72 of the constitution and grant pardon to the three who were jailed by the Supreme Court for contempt.

Source:Ghana/ Danso Acheampong

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