Politicisation of education hurting children, Ghana – Kwesi Yankah

Children, parents and the country are being hurt by the over politicisation of the nation’s educational system, Professor Kwesi Yankah, Vice Chancellor of the Central University has stated.

According to Prof. Yankah, statistics in recent years has clearly revealed that the four-year educational system for the senior high schools was better than the three-year educational system.

“I think the statistics show. My analysis of the trends from 2006 to 2015 and now 2016 clearly show that the four-year system was better than the current three years,” Prof. Yankah said in an interview with Citi FM Thursday.

The latest WASSCE results revealed that most students performed poorly in the core subjects.

About 32 percent obtained grade A to C6, while 19.82% obtained D7-E8 and 38.10% had F9.

Prof. Yankah added: “In 2009, even without examining the outcomes of the four-year project which had been introduced by the Kufuor regime, even without analysing it, or even without allowing it run its full course from year one, two, three, four – examining the results and determining if it was something productive or otherwise, they [the NDC government] just decided; let’s truncate it and restore the three-year project.

“So that is where the politics… comes in and… it is so clear that the three years is not working. It is hurting our children, it is hurting parents, it is hurting industry, and it is hurting the country.”

Source: Ghana/ Welsing

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