Insults in Kumwood movies are a reflection of society – Akrobeto

Veteran actor Akwesi Boadi, popularly known as Akrobeto, has rubbished claims that Kumawood movies are mostly brimful of insults.

He noted with resentment that, Kumawood movies are a true reflection of the Ghanaian society of which insults are a part.

For some time now, movies produced by local language practitioners, particularly Twi, have come under a lot flak and public scrutiny for their incessant use of offensive words.

Some critics and industry professionals have called for a system to control and curb the development before it gets out of hand.

But Akrobeto doesn’t agree.

Speaking in an interview on Personality Profile on Drive Time on Joy FM with Lexis Bill, the actor noted that Kumawood movies only portray happenings in Ghanaian society.

He said “movie, is all about acting” and the things that happen around us are the same things that go into movies.

He observed that even a child, who does not watch movies, learns to utter insults first when he or she tries to speak.

The veteran actor stressed that they don’t just insult “but we are teaching you something.”

Akrobeto faulted practitioners who are into the English movies for trying to use the insults tag to “pull them down” but they did not succeed.

Asked if the practitioners in the English movie space respect them, he said there is a general societal problem where people who don’t have any formal education are looked down upon.

He cautioned against looking down on people who do not have formal education because, some of these people are very smart and own some big businesses in the country.

The ‘Owuo Nti’ was quick to deny rumours that some Kumawood producers ask for sex or sleep with female actors before they give them roles to play in movies.

Source: Myjoyonline.com

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