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The Somanya ECG, Consumer War

Some staff of the Electricity of Ghana in the Yilo Krobo were today thrown in a state of shock after about a 3000 irate consumers from the lower Manya Krobo and Yilo stormed the premises of the company, to register their displeasure about what they describe as ‘killer’ tariffs levied them.

They also expressed displeasure about mass disconnections of meters, which most came unannounced and this according to them, has resorted in thievery and other crimes in most communities due to poor visibility at night.

The angry consumers who spoke to news men from rite fm anomalously, said they have warned the company through their respective leaders to investigate reasons for the unwarranted tariffs, however the company attached no sentiments to their plights even though the economic framework placed limits to their hard earned incomes.

At around 9am today, eye witness reports that, the consumers had converged at the Onuma view awaiting to increase their numbers to exceed the Captain smart led ‘yeegye yen sika’ demonstration in Accra.

Traffic to both commuters and the consumers had become tense after news was broke viral of, another similar demonstration which hit neighbour Akosombo last week.

Joyce Bedeley, a journalist at Rite FM who had been on the scene got the taste of it for attempting to take coverage with her phones camera.

She was humiliated and slapped at the back for trying what they called ‘abnormal cover’ why you think we are stupid! Irate consumers shouted.

Not too long, the Municipal Police Command, led by ASP Isaac Ortsin moved his men numbering about 20 to intervene.

However, news men could easily tell without much questioning that, the staff including its security men who had been trapped in needed a buffalo unit to add muscles to separate air from the crowd.

Spotted was the MP for the area, Hon. Magnus Kofi Amoatey who tried to add his voice to calm the angry consumers, however failed to gain grounds.

The MP shortly was however, not captured in camera as nothing could calm the consumers down even though the police tried to resist them entering the main office.

After a tense tussle, the consumers tried to break into the offices, but the police threatened to open tear gas and use shockers.

After a separation, the masses backed up forces to now apply stones and wailing of machetes to keep anyone away from resisting them.

At this point, they started flying pebbles into glasses of structures breaking portions of the security post, and the main building.

A driver of the official police vehicle after sensing danger, forcibly moved the police car hastily and this leaving no one injured is by divine intervention of God.

Many has described the sharp tariffs as not befitting the people in the Krobo enclave especially, those in the Lower Manya Municipality who by the construction of the Volta lake has had a heavy toll on their socio – economic lives.

‘We the people of Krobo don’t deserve to pay bills, and even if we must do, have to do or pay considerably’ some chanted as they wailed placards bearing, we are tired of this!, Nana must act now, this is our land and more!

This amidst the flying of pebbles lasted for about an hour causing traffic between the tycoon, memorial bars and the main lorry station.

Commuters on vehicles were seen to be taking coverages from their phones, even though they prayed to pass safely without any humiliation.

In a development, five military men were deployed to assist the police to calm the situation, however before their arrival protestors had dispersed leaving the police and onlookers who sought to see when staff come out of the building.

Wife of a staff of ECG,who was at the scene to check on his husband was spotted praying for unhurt escape of his husband and other workers.

ASP Isaac Ortsin however declined to speak on the matter, on note that it could affect investigations.

Even though, the Municipal Commander could not speak to us, news team from Rite FM disclosed that, the group obtained no official notice.

The Police and the military men however around 5pm, guaranteed a safe step out of staff who profusely looked sweating under intense heat, after power supply cut for almost two hours.

Safety of the company and its staff now lingered on the Somanya Police as, protesting consumers have threatened, ‘ this was just the beginning!.

As if things were over, it took another turn of events when some of the consumers around 5pm besieged the premises of Rite FM.

According to them, some comments had been aired on ‘Okwanso Anigye’ drive show which was been hosted by Sly Ziggy, and those comments supposedly slaps an unworthy blame on some names allegedly, to have been mentioned on air to be masterminds of the demonstration which had ended into a revolutionary war zone.

The Police on hearing the sharp turn to the station, quickly deployed men to prevent any stranger from unlawful entry of the stations promises.

ASP Isaac Ortsin therefore cautioned on air presenters of the station to be circumspect on how the issues are deliberated on air.

This according to him will help the Police conduct investigations into the matter.

He has however assured that, the matter was under control with a plead for all stakeholders in the matter to seek redress lawfully.

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Story By: Krobea Asante Tofepa Ntomentwene


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