Mahama attacks NPP’s unacceptable dismissal of workers

Former President John Dramani Mahama appears to be brooding in his absence in government following what appears to be mass dismissal of persons employed under his government.

The current administration has sacked and forced out some key government appointees and laid off some workers it said the Mahama-led administration employed without following due process.

But the former president had to defend the integrity of his administration lambasting the New Patriotic Party government of indulging in “unacceptable” dismissal of workers.

“Bad precedents for our governance. Mass sacking of workers by the NPP govt unacceptable. #OneGhana #OnePeople”, Mr. Mahama tweeted Friday evening.

The tweet however did not say exactly which groups of people have been laid off by the government.

Whether employed by his government or whichever government, each citizens deserves a right to be employed, he indicated in another which followed the first one, minutes later.

“These workers are all citizens and like all Ghanaians have rights, which must be protected. #OneGhana #OnePeople”, he said.


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