Mahama is sponsoring Appiah Stadium to attack Rawlings – Kankam

The Editor-In-Chief of the Informer Newspaper Andy Kankam, has dared former President John Dramani, that if he is not behind what Appiah Stadium a sympathizer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), is doing he [Mahama] should issue a statement by close of day today [Monday] to disown him.

The maverick sympathizer of the NDC has reportedly described former President JJ Rawlings as an immature politician for suggesting that the NDC would not be able to win the 2020 polls if they fail to purge themselves.

Former President Rawlings in a recent interview with TV3 said he would wish the NDC captures power in 2020 but questioned the readiness of the party. ‘’Let me simply say, that I will very much want to see the NPP beaten but do we have what it takes? Do we have the capacity to be able to wrestle power from them,’’ he questioned.

Mr. Rawlings was clarifying a widely reported story that captured him saying that it will be difficult for the NDC to regain power. The former president clarifying the statement said if the NDC would win power in 2020, there are a lot of issues it must address indicating that the party has lost its moral grounds.

The comments did not go down well with some individuals including a diehard supporter of the NDC Appiah Stadium, who has lambasted the former president and described him as a an immature politician.

But responding to the issue on Rainbow Radio Andy Kankam slammed Appiah Stadium, described him as a nobody and accused him of doing Mahama’s bidding.

According to him, former President Mahama is sponsoring Appiah Stadium to attack the founder of the NDC. ‘’When I Andy Kankam was beaten by former President Kufour’s bodyguard in the full glare of the late Mills where was Appiah Stadium? ‘’…so today it was an opportunity for former President Mahama to become president and so Appiah Stadium is a fan.

I am daring former President John Dramani Mahama that if he is not behind what Appiah Stadium is saying; insulting Rawlings, he should immediately by close of day issue a statement to disown Appiah Stadium for insulting former the founder of the party that he is politically immature,’’ he said.

The attacks by Appiah Stadium he noted has vindicated Mr. Rawlings’ call on the party to purge itself and restore its integrity because it has lost touch with the grass root.

Andy Kankam insisted that Appiah Stadium is doing ‘’this to please Mr. Mahama and so he must come out to disassociate Appiah Stadium’s comments…If he [Mahama] fail to do so, then people are watching. People will decide for themselves. What the founder has said is simple.

Who did not know it? We all knew how our grass root was disrespected…So this is what the party’s founder is saying. The arrogance and disrespect for party structures must stop,’’ he noted.


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