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Mahama: Akufo-Addo slept while campaigning in Western Region

The NPP flagbearer while in the region disparaged the Mahama-led administration of doing little in terms of road construction in the region.

However, president Mahama wasted no time in responding to Akufo-Addo, accusing him of sleeping during his five days in the region, as he begins campaigning in the Western Region.

Speaking in Fante and Twi at separate rallies at Axim, Abura and Agona Nkwanta, president Mahama said during the 2012 election campaign, he realised that roads in the Western Region were nothing to write home about.

He continued: “I promised that we will invest monies into cocoa roads. So if you realise, the majority of roads we are doing are all in the western region.

“They said someone came here recently and said he did not see any  [good] road. He was probably sleeping.”

The president described his achievement in the last four years as unprecedented in the country, beseeching voters to renew his mandate.

He also called on voters to ignore politicians who spread lies about him and his government.

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